Food Investigation

5WE you need to investigate where  fruit and vegetables from your local supermarket come from. Look at the signs, they will tell you what country the items have been imported from.

You need to list at least 5 that come from another country and then try to find 5 that come from Australia!

Post your findings as a comment under this post. Good luck.

What have we been up to?

Permaculture Garden 29th July 007 (Small)

Well, we have certainly had a lot of  rain over the last few days! This has drenched out Permaculture garden and damaged some plants. The lettuces and tomatoes didn’t seem to like the rain very much as they were trampled by the weight of the rain drops. Some students had to say good-bye to their plants but were rewarded with new, healthy plants.

Luckily, the sun came out on Thursday and our plants began to grow again. We have been learning about Photosynthesis in class and I must say the Clive was ‘on fire’ with this topic – well done Clive!


We have also begun learning about bugs and how they are classified into Classes, Groups and Families. We even classified all the boys and girls in our class by a different characteristic each time!

This week I asked the students to focus on the ‘WHY’ – why has their plant grown/not grown, why is it bushy/bare. I want the students to explain each observation by using facts. Check out their blogs to see if they have lived up to this task!

Lastly, one of our students is overseas on a trip around Europe and has published his first blog post. Click on Callum’s name to the right of this post and get yourself lost in Belguim, France and Germany!

Mrs Trama

A Pull-Apart Flower

In this activity you need to experiment with taking apart the flower and placing each part in the correct box. Then correctly label each part of the flower. Then answer these questions in your blog under the title ‘A Pull-Apart Flower:

1. Why are flower petals brightly coloured?

2. Why does a flower need sepals?

3. Explain what pollination means.

4. What plants have a flower with a receptacle that forms a fruit?

5. Explain the role bees play in pollination.

6. What happens when pollen joins with ovules?

Hi Guys!

Well, this is our new class blog! Blogs are easy to use and fun to create. We are going to be using our class blog to communicate with each other over this term.

In your school email inbox, you will have an email from a site called edublogs giving you a password and asking you to click on a link to begin blogging.

Once you have logged in, the blog is yours! You can change the theme (background and layout) and make it what you want it to look like. You are going to be using your blog to log your plant diary entries for our Permaculture unit, you can upload photos and video and create links to other websites.

You can also communicate with each other via comments in another person’s blog. You will need to check your spelling and punctuation, and read over your posts and comments so that they make sense!

So bloggers, lets get blogging!!!

Mrs East & Mrs Trama